Welcome to Sweet Lich’s
(Pronounced Sweet Licks)!

Although our company and name are new, our cookies and desserts have had decades of perfecting with over thousands of cookie tasters. We haven’t found one unsatisfied cookie taster yet!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Mom knows best”. And that phrase couldn’t be more true when it comes to our baked goods.  For decades our Mom has made it a birthday tradition (or necessity) to make her special chocolate chip cookie cake. It left our friends, guests, or even lucky bystanders who happened to get a taste salivating for more. Our whole lives people would constantly be asking about our mom’s cookies.

They would always ask when’s the next birthday celebration or even when was our mom was going to open her own bakery. Unfortunately, back then she had five boys to keep her busy enough to have zero free time. Now with no more boys in the house and plenty of spare time “Grandma” makes her famous cookies and continues to spread smiles to all those that are lucky enough to try them.

The cookies… These cookies aren’t your generic run of the mill cookies. Mom never liked to take shortcuts. She always used the finest ingredients, which helps give it that homemade taste everyone loves.